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About CareCall

In an emergency every minute counts.

CareCall relays your confidential information to hospital officials so that you and your loved ones are never alone and can receive the best medical treatment 24 hours a day!

What if you, your children, or your parents become ill or are seriously injured?

It can happen anytime, anywhere and without any warning.

When your worst fears come true, how will doctors know how to treat you or your loved one, or how to find the right contacts?

With CareCall’s unique identification and notification system, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that emergency personnel will be instantly provided with your vital information, along with the names and phone numbers of family and friends.

CareCall includes a selection of bracelets, sneaker tags, zipper/key tags and photo IDs – no names that would compromise your confidentiality.

ID is not enough.

Many people think, "My license and ID will tell authorities everything."

It won't tell them who to call, who your doctor is or what medications you take. It doesn't say who should pick the kids up after school, or take care of your pets.

Quick, confidential notification.

Emergency personnel around the world look for stickers and tags on keys, shoes, ID and personal items. When they contact CareCall, our representatives act as your personal guardian angel 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Families ...
What if something happened to your kids at school or daycare? What if they were injured in after school activities or athletics?

What if something happened to them at the mall or on the way to a job and they weren't carrying any ID?

Young Adults ...
You don't want to crowd them, but you still want to know they're okay.
A CareCall membership is perfect for families with older children who are beginning to assert their independence, learning to drive, heading off to college, or moving out on their own.
Athletes ...
Do you carry ID with you when you jog or rollerblade? Do you like to travel on ski trips or golf vacations?

Wherever your sports activities may take you, your CareCall membership and our convenient shoe tags go along, filling in the gaps in information a license can't provide.

Travelers ...
Often, passports and licenses provide none of the essential information authorities need.

Pets ...
What if something happened, and you weren't home to take the call? Most pet tags and licenses only provide a home address and phone number.

Personal Property ...
Did you ever misplace something important, like a cell phone, pager, backpack, laptop or piece of luggage?

With a CareCall membership, you can purchase individual property stickers to place on important items.