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Many people think, "My license or ID will tell authorities everything they need if I am in an accident or unable to speak for any reason.

It won't tell them who to call, who your doctor is, your allergies or what medications you take. It doesn't say who should pick the kids up after school, or take care of your pets.

In the event of an emergency, your CareCall stickers and tags direct officials to call our 24-hour hotline. After verifying the identity of the caller, a CareCall representative relays your key contact and medical information so that your designated contacts will be notified and you will receive the best medical treatment.

CareCall includes shoe tags, zipper/key tags and photo IDs no names that would compromise your confidentiality. A selection of bracelets is also available.

All memberships are charged annually and are automatically renewed.


Individual Plan - $52.00 per year. Includes membership for one person.
Family Plan $82.00 per year. Includes unlimited memberships for all permanent household residents, including children away at college.

Both plans include two free door stickers for the outside of your home. These can be used for second homes also. Police contact us to allow for notification if something should happen to your home while you are away! Great peace of mind while traveling or simply out for the day especially if you have pets at home.

Each membership includes:

24-hour emergency notification service - 365 days a year.
A CareCall ID Sticker for your license or photo sleeve. If you do not have an ID we will supply you with a plastic sleeve to insert your photo.
Choice of a Shoe tag or a Clip-on tag. The clip-on tag can be clipped onto keys, zippers, back packs, etc.
A reference copy of your emergency report.

Optional items:

Pet Service - Ensures your pet can be taken care of even if you are not home. $6.95 Annually
Property Stickers - Individually numbered stickers protect your valuables. Apply to cell phones, pagers, cameras, luggage, laptops, anything. Allows someone finding your items to return them through us without compromising your confidentiality. No charge!
Extra Shoe Tags or Key Ring Tags. $3.00 each - one time fee
ID Bracelets and Pendants


CareCall ID Stickers

For Drivers License or Student ID:
ID Sticker goes on back

Turn Over sticker alerts officials
that CareCall ID Sticker is on back

Confidential Plastic Photo Sleeve
Turn Over sticker alerts officials
that CareCall ID Sticker is on back

2 Weatherproof Door Stickers

Choice of Shoe Tag or Key Ring Tag



Pet Tags

Individually Numbered Property Stickers

Extra Shoe Tags and Clip On Tags