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CareCall and Corporations - An Employee Benefit
Attracting and retaining good employees is a huge challenge in today's job market. CareCall is a unique benefit that solves issues for both you and your employees! And it can actually pay for itself!

 How good is that?    Read on.

An employee benefit that pays for itself
  • Increases productivity
  • Reduces stress
  • Returns company property: laptops, pagers, cell phones, etc.
Increases productivity
With a CareCall membership, no longer will your employees be wondering if their young children, teens, or aging parents are okay - just because they haven't heard from them and can't reach them at home.
  • They are reassured knowing that if something does happen, they will be notified quickly.
  • When employees needlessly worry they are unable to fully focus on their work.
  • (2 - 3 hours lost) x (2 - 3 times/week) x (number of employees) = Lots of Negative $$$

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Reduces stress
  • Knowing that everything is okay on the home front gives employees peace of mind.
  • CareCall ID provides emergency personnel with alternate contact points such as cell phones and/or pager numbers, plus the names and numbers of family or friends who can quickly notify the employee and be there for children and/or parents when the employee can't.
  • Employees struggle with juggling their careers and family responsibilities. Stress increases…leading to real health issues, sick time, disability, even lawsuits.
Returns company property
  • Lost Property Service - A confidential property sticker is a wonderful way for your property to be returned to its rightful owner!
  • The return of just one laptop, phone or pager is worth the cost of many memberships!

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