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CareCall - Testimonials

Police departments rave about CareCall. Hospitals praise it. EMTs are enthusiastic about it. Families rely on it.

The overwhelming need for this service is reflected in what fans of CareCall are saying.

"We recently traveled to Paris and Venice with our children. Having the CareCall stickers for our kids, cameras, luggage and ourselves really gave us a terrific sense of security."

Rich S. - Hanover, MA

"My husband and I have done walks and bike rides to raise money for cancer. One of the tricky things when you are training is carrying an ID. I carry my license, but I always forget to put it back in my purse. My husband, despite my reminders, is forever going out on his bike with no ID. It scares me to think that if he got hurt it would be so difficult for someone to figure out who he is, never mind find me! So this weekend I put the shoe tag on my sneaker and I'm having Chris put his on his biking shoe. Problem solved."

M. Constantino - Scituate, MA.

"About a month ago I hired a new driver for my flower shop. While making a floral delivery to a hospital in Braintree it fell out of his pocket and on to the ground. The phone was found and brought to the reception area in the hospital. On the back of the phone was my "CareCall" sticker with an 800# and the CareCall system went into effect. Within five to ten minutes I was called by CareCall and notified of the find."

B. Deans - Braintree, MA

"I have two trips coming up and I can leave with peace of mind, thanks to CareCall."

P. Johnson - Weymouth, MA